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Hoteliers to impresarios: the art of theatre in the hotel business

Providing good customer service has long been recognised by hotelier’s as one of the cornerstones of successful hotels, but what is it that is really delivered when we talk about good customer service? Is it a scripted standardised form of dealing with customers and guests or is it part of the intangible characteristics that shape the relationship between staff and customers?

A recent eHotelier survey conducted with over 390[1] respondents attempted to better understand how the customer service experience was seen and perceived by hotelier’s and how important it is especially in relation to other well recognised characteristics of the business. It will come as no surprise that 97.3% of responses considered that the customer service ‘experience’ was either extremely important or very important. However when considering the responses to all of the questions in the survey, especially when distinguishing between customer service and delivering a customer experience more of a distinction was drawn. This indicates that whilst we think we understand “customer service” we may be less comfortable with the idea of providing customer “experiences”.

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